Re:Coquo Lamps / Melbourne Design Week 2021

MDW 2021

re:coquo an exhibition presented by Modern Times for MDW 2021 invited designers to re-imagine, refresh and repair. Nicole presented a family of 3 lamps created out of components collecting dust in my studio. 

A designer's workshop is always a curiosity cabinet of treasures - saved for the perfect use. Objects gathering dust waiting to be assigned value again.
For this exhibition Nicole gather all the parts, components, cables etc she has been collecting and layed them all out on the studio floor. All the treasures laid out for re:coquo were not being used in Lawrence’s product offerings, - whether the components are surplus from a previous project, an idea not quite realised, or a component that would be a shame to throw away - they have all been squirreled away with good intentions but often overshadowed by new ideas or techniques. It’s easy to create new work and move quickly past what’s right in front of you. In this series of lamps, Lawrence challenged herself to see these components with fresh eyes and focus on the sustainability principles to reduce and re-use to create three unique one-of-a-kind works.


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