NLS featured in Dulux Trend Forecast 2022

Every year Dulux releases their Trend Forecast for the year ahead. NLS is honoured to have our pieces included in the 2022 Forecast.

A huge thank you to Bree Leech who was the stylist and trend forecaster for this amazing shoot.

Photographer: Lisa Cohen

Image # 1 

PAINT - Walls, trim and ceiling all Dulux Pax

From Left: Camaleonda Sofa by B&B Italia, Space Furniture; 156 multi rug, Hali; Porter Side Table, Grazia and Co; Time Warp Bowl in green, Makers’ Mrkt; Daylight Lamp, Dean Norton; Porter Side Table, Grazia and Co; Celtic Vessel by Alice Gavalet, Jardan; Desert Pea Chair, Lauren Lea Haynes; Anna Spiro Cushion in Tattie Tartan, Fenton and Fenton; "Empty Wishes" Original Artwork By Gabrielle Jones, Studio Gallery; Smooth shelf in Dulux Duralloy Wedgewood, Nicole Lawerence; (On shelf top) W&S chubby vase soft yellow, Makers’ Mrkt; (On shelf middle) Pink Moment by Ebony Russell, Modern Times; Books, Stylist; Kandle in Pink, Makers’ Mrkt; (On shelf bottom) Vessel by Tessy King,Craft Vic.

Image # 2 

PAINT Walls & trim Dulux Dark Door, Ceiling Benang, Inside arch detail Red Terra

From Left: Puffalo Sofa, Didier; Red Cushion, Domo; Soda Side Table, James Richardson Furniture; Book, Stylist; Cakebread pile high club cushion, Fenton and Fenton; Black and White Cushion, Didier; “Vase #1” Original Artwork by Jai Vasicek, Fenton and Fenton; Chromatic Petrol Rug, Halcyon Lake; Black puddle Coffee Table by Massproductions, District; (On coffee table) Pi-dou vases by Tacchini, Stylecraft; Carter Acrylic Bowl by Greg Natale, Zuster; 15:3 Large Table Lamp by Nicole Lawrence, Modern Times; Soda Side Table, James Richardson Furniture; SKLO Crescent Vessel 1 - Plum-Copper & Ruby, Jardan; Up Series Armchair by B&B Italia, Space Furniture.



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