Smooth Mirror / Melbourne Design Week 2021

MDW 2021

As part of Melbourne Design Week 2021 by the National Gallery of Victoria we were invited to take part of exhibition By-Product presented by Circular.Open.Design which asked us to re imagine our waste streams and interpret these into a product.

When working with organic shapes in industrial materials, such as we do to create our furniture pieces, you have to always cut away from the straight engineered lines to find your form. For this work Lawrence wanted to explore how to create value in what’s cut away and to re-interpret the negative space created.    

The result of this exploration is a large scale mirror, the shape of which is the reverse of the Smooth Coffee Table.

Using a special patina, Lawrence highlighted the materiality of the steel by creating a slate black, mottled patina - hues of brown, blue and black are present. Inside the steel frame sits a bronze glass mirror.  


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